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WHEN THE HERO COMES HOME, which contains my story "Brine Magic," is now available on Amazon, in print and Kindle versions, and available in epub on the Dragon Moon Press website. Also check out the Goodreads page.
Table of Contents
A Place to Come Home To by Jay Lake and Shannon Page
The Evil That Remains by Erik Buchanan
Full Circle by Steve Bornstein
Lessons Learned by Peadar Ó Guilín
Brine Magic by Tony Pi
The Legend of Gluck by Marie Bilodeau
One and Twenty Summers by Brian Cortijo
The Blue Corpse Corps by Jim C. Hines
Ashes of the Bonfire Queen by Rosemary Jones
Keeping Time by Gabrielle Harbowy
Scar Tissue by Chris A. Jackson
Coward by Todd McCaffrey
Nine Letters Found in a Muddied Case on the Road in Baden, Germany by Xander Briggs
The Once and Now-ish King by J.M. Frey
His Last Monster by J.P. Moore
Dark Helm Returns by Ed Greenwood
Mirror, Mirror by Phil Rossi
Knights and Beans by Julie Kagawa
Oathbreaker by Erik Scott de Bie

The official launch will be at GenCon in August, and the book will also be on sale at Dragon*Con. Many thanks to the editors Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood for their hard work in bringing this out much sooner than expected!
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