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ASH e-books

I've added e-book editions of Academy of Super-Heroes to a special collection in my iBooks.

What is Academy of Super-Heroes? It's a shared-world superhero setting that has been around since 1994. The invention of Dave Van Domelen, he opened the ASHiverse to other writers like Matt Rossi III, Marc Singer, Andrew Burton and me (far from an exhaustive list). The stories were (and still are) distributed free on the newsgroup rec.arts.comics.creative in plaintext format.

Dave persuaded me to start a series under the ASH imprint called Conclave of Super-Villains in 1997, and that's where I cut my writing teeth. Under Dave's editorial direction, my earliest attempts at plot and character somehow became readable prose, and it was a blast coordinating plots and characters with the other writers.

To thank Dave and the other writers, I gifted them yesterday with Omnibus e-book editions of the nearly 300 stories in EPUB format using Sigil. If you're interested in reading the series as well, they are available for free here (or visit Dave's ASH Archive for the original plaintext versions).
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